Romance and Redemption CD


John's latest and greatest CD featuring 8 of his original compositions and 5 covers. 13 songs total in the great American tradition of rock and roll, folk, country, and swing. Featuring romantic tunes, funny anecdotal songs, heartbreaking ballads, and out-and-out rockers, this collection has something to please all.

  1. Am I the Lucky One?
  2. Thanks for the Laughs
  3. Laundromat Baby
  4. My Beautiful Ballerina
  5. Toy
  6. Wild West Hero
  7. Sittin' on Top of the World
  8. U Told Me
  9. Patch of Earth
  10. Love Me Baby After Tonight
  11. Nothing but a Dream
  12. Help Me to Forgive and Forget
  13. I Never Felt Like This
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